To our Teaching Matters community: we are committed to supporting you, and we stand with you. When our community is blatantly hurt, as seen in the tragic deaths of Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, the Atlanta shooting, countless others and the continued attacks on the Asian community, we must do more. As educators we have a duty to set an example and make sure our youth are taught about race and systemic injustices.

Over 25 Years of Impact


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We envision a nation where every student has equitable access to excellent teaching, regardless of zip code.


Our mission is to close the opportunity gap of a radically unequal education system for under-served and historically marginalized children.

A National Problem

The education system is broken, leaving the highest-need students from low-income areas without adequate support. Equity in education demands equal access to excellent teachers.

Our Solution

Invest in teachers and education leaders so students from systematically marginalized communities have the same access to excellent teaching as students in affluent communities.

Positive Impact

We use evidence-based, content-specific methods to coach teachers and education leaders through collaborative teams, hands-on institutes, on-site support and online coaching.


Our People

Developing great teachers to give students bright futures.

Teaching Matters is a leader in the movement to develop and recognize effective teachers through innovative, effective approaches. Be part of a national network and know your work supporting teachers makes an impact on student success.