Points of Practice

Spring 2015 Issue: Teacher leadership's fundamental shift in how schools and networks of practitioners learn and improve.

Keeping Track: Kids in the Equation

As educators assemble and analyze data, they need to be sharing it with the most important group of stakeholders: their students.

Marking a Special Occasion

Teaching Matters celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a Party at the Tweed Courthouse.

Who Wants to Be a Teacher Leader?

Teacher leadership is spreading - who wants to take up the charge, and how will they get tapped?

A Well-Marked Road to Accomplishment

Participants in Teaching Matters' micro-credentialing program for teacher leaders are on their way, and reaping gains already.

Because Students Matter

A better learning experience delivered through the most effective teaching possible can spell success. Every dollar you give helps us develop and implement our school-based teacher effectiveness programs.

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