Pam Abramson

Early Reading Matters Content Specialist | Senior Educational Consultant

Pamela Abramson, Teaching Matters Senior Educational Consultant, is an expert in the area of early literacy instruction. She is a lead member of the Early Reading Matters (ERM) team which focuses on developing teachers’ competencies in employing high leverage practices to improve students’ reading proficiency in grades K through 3. Pam leads the ERM kindergarten project which uses improvement science as a guide for increasing reading gains with struggling kindergarteners.

Prior to joining the Teaching Matters team, Pam evaluated the instructional practices of tenured teachers for continued service. Earlier in her career, Pam was a second and third grade teacher in a public New York City elementary school for 8 years. Pamela received an M.A. in Elementary Education from New York University and a B.A in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.