Margaret GlendisMargaret Glendis

Senior Educational Consultant

Margaret Glendis is a Senior Educational Consultant for Teaching Matters with expertise in high school mathematics teaching and learning. In this position she supports administrators by using data to inform school-based decisions regarding systems to develop and strengthen the learning and practice of mathematics for both teachers and students. Working in high needs schools in the South Bronx and Manhattan, Margaret has designed and led school-wide teacher professional development to support implementation of Next Generation Learning Standards, Mathematics Practices, and the development of student-centered classrooms where student thinking is made visible through written and spoken discourse with teachers and peers.

Prior to joining Teaching Matters, Margaret worked as a high school mathematics teacher, administrator, and mathematics coach. She believes all students can learn mathematics in classroom environments that include a balance of collaborative and individual learning experiences. She is particularly interested in using data to inform instruction, empowering students through goal setting, and effective teacher/student feedback.

Margaret holds a BA in Mathematics from Queens College, a MS Ed in Mathematics 7 – 12 from New York University, an MS in School District Administration from Baruch College, CUNY.