Naomi Cooperman, Ed.D.

Senior Director of New Content and Evaluation

Naomi Cooperman, Senior Director of New Content and Evaluation, develops new content and curricular initiatives at Teaching Matters. She is currently spearheading Early Reading Matters, a multi-year teacher development initiative in the area of k-3 literacy instruction. Previously, Dr. Cooperman was responsible for launching Teacher Leadership Matters, a program that promotes increased teacher effectiveness and improved student performance through evidence-based collaborative inquiry and Writing Matters, Teaching Matters’ highly respected middle school literacy program. She began her career at Teaching Matters as an educational consultant, mentoring New York City classroom teachers to meet the needs of struggling students using tech-rich resources. Prior to joining Teaching Matters, Inc., Naomi was the Instructional Design Specialist at the Center for Management and Organization Research, Baruch College, CUNY, where she designed and managed government training projects. Dr. Cooperman earned an Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University, an MS from the University of Wisconsin and a BS from the University of Massachusetts.