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For Equity in Teaching

by Editorial Team

Mon, 17 Nov 2014:

The New York Times
To the Editor: We applaud the federal government’s renewed focus on working to assure that excellent teaching is spread equitably, and that children in our country’s poorest communities aren’t shortchanged by our public schools. But while the mandate is a good step, we know from 20 years of experience in distressed urban settings that the prescription is hard to fill.

Ask the Experts: 7 Ways to Improve K-12 Public Education

by Editorial Team

Wed, 16 Apr 2014:

“No teacher is an island. And yet in the traditional education model, each teacher works alone, isolated in his or her own classroom without adequate communication or support from the school — or from peers. This is “really a factory-style model,” says Lynette Guastaferro, executive director of Teaching Matters, a nonprofit advocacy group in New York City.”