Rigor and Relationships – MS366

by Editorial Team

  • Posted on March 2, 2022

  • NSI

In the Fall 2021 Panorama survey, students rated their school highly in the areas of rigor and teacher-student relationships. We decided to visit and interview the teachers and principal leading this amazing work and share our findings with the network. 

Watch our interview with teachers of M366 as our Network Leader Jacobē Bell interviews them about their school’s practices and their change idea. Building off of their identity change idea work, the 366 team is now utilizing the Cultivating Genius protocol from MS108 to continue to extend the rigor in their classrooms.

The Data Story

94% of its students responded positively to questions about teacher-student relationships, like:

  • If you walked into class upset, how concerned would your teacher be? 
  • How excited would you be to have this teacher again? 

95% of its students responded positively to questions about rigor, like:

  • Overall, how high are this teacher’s expectations of you? 
  • How often does your teacher expect you to explain your answers? 

“As teachers, we feel validated in this school. I feel validated. I think we have a very strong administration that we can go to when we have needs. And there’s a very caring and supportive environment. So I think that plays such a huge role. It helps us be able to know that we have people there for us, and we can show up for our students.” —Sofia Lora