Teaching Matters Advances Education Equity in New York City with $500,000 Grant

by Editorial Team

New York, NY October 23, 2019 — Teaching Matters, an education nonprofit increasing teacher effectiveness and student success, received a $500,000 grant to lead improvement methods in partnership with high-needs schools in New York City. The effort will position Teaching Matters to effectively lead a network of schools focused on improving 8th grade outcomes in literacy, a critical milestone in ensuring students’ future success.

The two-year grant, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will allow Teaching Matters to continue its work to improve outcomes for Black, Latino and low-income students.

“This grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is critical to bringing Teaching Matters’ vision of equitable access to excellent teaching, regardless of a child’s zip code, to fruition,” says CEO of Teaching Matters Lynette Guastaferro. “For nearly three decades, equity has been central to our mission. With this grant, we will continue to provide professional learning and culturally responsive pedagogy to teachers throughout the nation’s largest school district.”

Teaching Matters, whose mission focuses on equity, will partner with educators to learn how to self-diagnose problems and test solutions that address the challenge of equitably improving 8th grade outcomes in literacy.

The work will explore how to assess and monitor students’ progress through a culturally responsive lens– one that elevates student voices, expands beyond traditional, standardized measures, and provides students with ways to demonstrate their learning that build from their strengths and backgrounds.

To learn more about Teaching Matters’ mission to close the opportunity gap of a radically unequal education system for underserved and historically marginalized children, visit https://www.teachingmatters.org for more information.