Teaching Matters to Expand Early Literacy Program with Nearly $500,000 Grant

by Editorial Team

NEW YORK, December 3rd, 2018 – The W.K. Kellogg Foundation based in Battle Creek, Mich. made a $483,582 grant to strengthen and expand Teacher Matters’ Early Reading Matters program. The award allows the nonprofit to expand its early literacy program to 80 schools by developing online competency-based resources for teachers.

Teaching Matters, is a New York City-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing teacher effectiveness, one of the most critical factors in student success. Its Early Reading Matters program supports elementary schools to close the reading gap by third grade by providing rigorous, targeted and sustained support to teacher leaders and teachers to impact their student’s reading capacity.

Early Reading Matters improves instructional outcomes in New York City (NYC) public schools with high concentrations of poverty where reading scores are lowest. The program is currently in 36 schools, 28 of which are located in the Bronx. In 2017-18, Early Reading Matters showed a 60 percent and 46 percent increase respectively in the percent of first and second grade students that met instructional-level expectations.

“Teaching Matters is committed to scaling our approach to improve reading instruction for all students,” said Lynette Guastaferro, CEO of Teaching Matters. “This grant allows us to expand Early Reading Matters, allowing more children, especially those from underserved communities, to reap the benefits of excellent early literacy instruction.”

The Kellogg-funded initiative provides an exceptional opportunity to facilitate online and blended educator support, allowing the existing model to not only meet the needs of NYC educators, but also create a more flexible, cost effective, sustainable and scalable model for the purpose of training literacy coaches and educators in districts throughout New York State.

The $438,528 grant provides funding to develop a hybrid program that maintains the power of face-to-face teacher coaching while adding online professional learning support. With a goal of scaling this blended Early Reading Matters model to 80 schools by 2021, Teaching Matters will reach 2,174 teachers and 51,167 children throughout the state.