Writing is the pivotal skill in the 21st century -- it is how your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged, in school, in work, and in the community.

Original content and interactive technology help students develop their writing skills as they generate ideas, organize, compose, revise and publish their work online.

Writing Matters is comprised of seven units of study, each one engaging students in the writing process through a different genre. Teachers learn how to execute research-based writing strategies, critically analyze student writing, track writing progress over time, and collaborate to continuously improve their practice.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Implementation of Common Core aligned writing curriculum (QR 1.1)
  • Common writing assessments that inform instruction (QR 2.2)
  • Research-based, effective writing instruction (QR 1.2)
  • Improved student writing as measured by Common Core-aligned Writing Matters rubrics

Principals Get:

  • Seven units of study for meeting the requirements of the CCLS in writing that can be shared across your school
  • An assessment tracker for monitoring student writing progress
  • A Learning Management Platform for your whole ELA team
  • A full-day workshop for your participating teachers

Teachers Get:

  • Access to lesson plans that include differentiated strategies, common assessments and rubrics
  • Videos that engage students
  • Online coaching videos
  • A teacher manual and complimentary copy of a Lexile-leveled binder of texts appropriate for each Unit of Study

For Schools Purchasing Onsite Support:

  • Custom Learning Plans: built from our needs assessment that identifies the highest leverage work ahead
  • Onsite Coaching and Content: Teaching Matters coaches partner with teachers, leaders, and teams to provide research-based support and resources
  • Assessment of Impact: school leaders receive an impact report summarizing teacher and student progress

Learn More:

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