Writing Matters is grounded in best practice in writing instruction. Developed in collaboration with Heather Lattimer and Georgia Heard, Writing Matters brings best practice to life in the form of lessons and activities enhanced by 21st century tools.

The Writing Matters coaching cycle covers needs assessment and instructional planning, focusing on the skills and practices teachers need to achieve desired student outcomes. In-class support focuses on strong pedagogy, the use of technology, classroom management and looking at student work to inform instruction.

Writing Matters engages upper elementary and middle students in the writing process through a series of four to six week units, addressing specific genres. Original content and interactive technology are seamlessly integrated, helping students develop their writing skills as they generate ideas and topics, organize, compose, revise and publish their work online — from school or from home.

Writing Matters is closely aligned to the Common Core Standards. The program is paired with comprehensive coaching support which enables teachers to take full advantage of the curriculum and assessments.

  • Upper elem. and middle school writing curriculum consisting of a series of four to six week units, addressing specific genres
  • Original content and interactive technology
  • Comprehensive professional development
  • Assessment and curriculum are closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts

Teachers participate in writing workshops that hone their own writing skills while simulating their students’ learning experiences. The institutes also address broader issues that carry across instructional units, including meeting Common Core Standards, the effective use of web-based student resources, meaningful use of student and teacher online discussion, scaffolded instruction, assessment strategies and other relevant topics.

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