Three years in a row of effective teachers can create permanent learning gains and higher lifetime earnings. Three years of ineffective teaching can result in lifelong academic deficits.

What Motivates Teachers to Earn PD 'Micro-Credentials'? New Report Offers Insights

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"I’m grateful to Teaching Matters for the wonderful work that you're doing in New York, and the model that you're setting for people all across the country."

- Professor Linda Darling Hammond

We developed Teacher Leadership Matters to answer today's growing demand for improved teacher performance and measurable student progress. Outcome-oriented professional learning develops the competencies critical for teacher leaders to run high-functioning teams.

Teacher leaders will learn how to build a team culture of trust and honesty, establish consistent expectations for students through common assessments and curriculum, guide peers to make decisions based in evidence, and strengthen colleagues’ instructional expertise. School leaders will learn how to establish school-wide systems for effective collaboration and distributed leadership, in order to sustainably improve teaching and learning across the school.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • High functioning teacher teams engaged in instructional improvement (QR 4.2)
  • Teacher Leaders who are micro-credentialed for exhibiting competencies aligned with nationally-recognized Teacher Leader Model Standards

Principals Get:

  • Support in establishing school-wide practices for effective collaboration
  • An evidence-based system for leveraging talent to improve the effectiveness of all teachers and make teacher leader expectations transparent
  • Final impact report of competencies teacher leaders have exhibited

Teacher Leaders Get:

  • Leading Teacher Teams institute
  • School-based teacher leader workshops
  • Access to training modules housed in a learning management system
  • Job-embedded coaching on effective team leadership
  • Recognition through micro-credentials

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