This competency-based approach improves the overall quality and diversity of a district's Teacher Leader candidate pool and ensures that emerging teacher leaders demonstrate the critical skills necessary to move into this important role.
"I loved this - I spoke to someone at my school who is already a teacher leader - she said you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. I told her how I had gotten all this training and support on using protocols, data, running meetings - that I felt really well prepared."

- Ms. Yelena Pinkhasova, Q460

The Model

In person cohort-based workshops
Participants attend four 2.5 hour workshops. In these sessions, they build the content knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate each competency. Through collaboration with other emerging teacher leaders, they practice the protocols and processes that they will later apply at their schools.

Online learning modules
Teaching Matters’ Learning Management System provides high impact learning opportunities candidates may access anywhere and anytime, including best practice video, presentations, and resources to support the work in their schools.

Virtual individual coaching
Each candidate is assigned a virtual coach to support their efforts towards developing the competencies. These coaches are high caliber former teachers, teacher leaders and administrators who provide personalized support.

The Competencies:

Strategizing for Assessment
Emerging Teacher Leaders strategically plan rigorous formative assessments to monitor student progress in alignment with essential standards.

Analyzing Student Work
Emerging Teacher Leaders systematically analyze results of formative assessments to cultivate a strong understanding of learning and instructional gaps within their classroom.

Planning Professional Learning
Emerging Teacher Leaders effectively plan and implement high quality professional learning sessions grounded in best practices for adult learning and centered on student learning needs.

Stepping into a Formal Teacher Leader Role
Emerging Teacher Leaders seek out school leaders and colleagues to formalize a vision, partnerships, and concrete action plan for the formal teacher leader role, in alignment with the school’s instructional focus.


In early 2016 the New York City Department of Education partnered with Teaching Matters and developed this highly effective and efficient strategy for supporting a teacher leadership pipeline in the city’s highest needs schools.

  • Over 60% of emerging teacher leaders demonstrated mastery of competencies and were invited to interview for a formal Teacher Leader Role.
  • In just 4 months, the program issued over 250 micro-credentials, making it the largest micro-credentialing initiative in the country.
  • This resulted in a 65% increase in Teacher Leadership positions in NYC's highest-needs schools.

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