When you assess what matters most, you will improve what matters most.

Teachers will learn how to identify and implement common assessments, refine instruction based on analysis of data, and work together to continuously improve their practice. Teacher leaders will learn to guide their peers towards better teaching, grounded in a deep understanding of students’ strengths and challenges. School leaders will create an assessment-informed school culture, where both teachers and students use formative data to direct and enhance their learning.

Teaching Matters’ coaches support leaders and teachers in establishing school-wide systems for standards-based data tracking, using an innovative standards-based mastery tracking platform, MasteryConnect.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • School-wide systems for tracking and analyzing common assessment data (QR 2.2)
  • High functioning teacher teams engaged in instructional improvement through the study of targeted and timely data. (QR 4.2)

Principals Get:

  • Ongoing support in establishing a school-wide assessment and data tracking strategy
  • Expert technical support implementing MasteryConnect
  • Periodic customized reports on teacher and student progress
  • Final impact report

Teachers Get:

  • A common platform for tracking student progress
  • Leading Teacher Teams institute and school-based assessment workshops
  • Access to training modules housed in a learning management system
  • Job-embedded coaching from a Teaching Matters coach

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