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For Weingarten, New York’s Common Core fight hits home 09/22/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools:
"I get embarrassed when a state like California is figuring it out more than my beloved Empire State," Weingarten said Wednesday in a speech in midtown Manhattan, where she accepted an education award from the education nonprofit Teaching Matters.

Heads of Teachers Union, State Education Department Agree on Common Core 09/22/2013, In the News

Epoch Times
Two heavyweights in the education field discussed the Common Core curriculum testing, as well its connection to teacher evaluations, during the Teaching Matters annual luncheon, held at the Harvard Club in Manhattan on Oct. 23.

On the Brink of the Common Core Era, Principals Leading 09/08/2013, In the News

Huffington Post
Despite its great promise, the Common Core is unlikely to be the "game changer" our policymakers hope it will be unless sensitive and skillful leadership is provided to shepherd the profound changes necessary.

Teaching Matters: Molding Great Educators 09/04/2013, In the News

Teacher Certification Degrees
To address the need for greater effectiveness, the organization called Teaching Matters is dedicated to helping schools, especially in urban settings, develop teacher performance.

Recipient of this year’s Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters 08/29/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools
Salvador Fernandez, principal of J.H.S. 52 in Inwood, is the recipient of this year’s Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters.

Inwood Principal Wins $15,000 Award for Teacher Development Program 08/28/2013, In the News

DNAInfo New York
Salvador Fernandez, the head of Inwood JHS 52, beat out four finalists around the city to claim the 2013 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize.

Close-reading one seventh-grade state English test question 08/08/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools:
Teaching Matters' Jen Murtha, Director of Educational Services, shares her insights in today's Gotham Schools story about specific English language arts (ELA) test questions.

Reading, writing, and rubrics: Norming process guides teachers as they evaluate student work 07/31/2013, In the News

Learning Forward JSD:
A writing program for middle school using a norming protocol offers important lessons for expanding teachers' assessment capabilities through professional learning.

NPR, Morning Edition 06/12/2013, In the News
Lynette Guastaferro, Executive Director speaking about the NYC teacher evaluation system

A Signature Bloomberg-Era Education Innovation Is At A Crossroads 04/10/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools:
"Siewart argues that school improvement isn't analogous to one-time solutions or product fixes; rather, he says, it's about iterative learning and follow-through."