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NY Urban League, Teaching Matters, and Educators4Excellence Unite for Bethune Fellowship Project; Diverse Fellows to Address Education Reform and Equity Issues 04/28/2016, In the News

'Testing' Doesn't Have to Be a Dirty Word 04/14/2016, In the News

Collaboration, not conflict, in education 03/28/2016, In the News
After years of bitter disagreements from all sides in the education arena, a new approach is evolving. This one calls for harmony among the many voices trying to improve things for children. And though it's impossible to paper over real differences, there is a set of common goals that's resonating for groups as diverse as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Teach for America (TFA).

Holistic solutions urged to combat poverty's impact on students 10/20/2015, In the News
NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New York Deputy Mayor Richard Buery rues the polarization and "toxic" politics that often mark discussions about how to help children living in poverty get the education they deserve. But today, he was part of a solution-oriented session - at Teaching Matters' 7th Annual Champions of Innovation and Education Luncheon - that yielded much agreement about the depth of the problem, and available remedies.

Do schools need to tackle poverty or boost teaching? In that debate, Buery calls for truce 10/20/2015, In the News
Deputy Mayor Richard Buery is still looking for middle ground. As the leader of the city’s community schools initiative, a key piece of Mayor de Blasio’s education agenda designed to convert 130 schools into social service hubs, Buery told a crowd on Wednesday that he knows that the challenges of poverty can have a real effect on a student’s ability to learn.

Brooklyn Principal Honored for Teacher Buddy System 07/26/2015, In the News
WYNC: Regina Tottenham of the Brooklyn Transition Center, a high school in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, was awarded the Teaching Matters Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize on Thursday. Tottenham said the $25,000 prize would allow the school to expand a mentoring program that pairs novice teachers with more experienced ones

Teaching Matters’ annual poetry slam 06/10/2015, In the News
Chalkbeat: About 200 city students came together for Teaching Matters’ annual poetry slam at Baruch College Wednesday.

Principal at Brooklyn special education school wins Teaching Matters’ Rohatyn Prize 06/10/2015, In the News
Chalkbeat: The staff of the Brooklyn Transition Center, with Principal Regina Tottenham, who won the Teaching Matters Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize on Thursday. The school will receive $25,000 to support a teacher leadership pipeline that Tottenham began developing last year after realizing that a large portion of her staff was set to retire in coming years.

For Equity in Teaching 11/17/2014, In the News

The New York Times
To the Editor: We applaud the federal government’s renewed focus on working to assure that excellent teaching is spread equitably, and that children in our country's poorest communities aren’t shortchanged by our public schools. But while the mandate is a good step, we know from 20 years of experience in distressed urban settings that the prescription is hard to fill.

What Fariña wants to keep from the Bloomberg era: tech, leadership focus 10/31/2014, In the News

Though Chancellor Carmen Fariña has spent much of her first 10 months as head of the school system working to undo policies established by her predecessors, the Bloomberg administration should get credit for a couple of things, she said Wednesday.