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Some recent press clippings:

Teaching Matters 12/13/2017, In the News
Classrooms today look a lot different than they did just 10 years ago. Smart boards have replaced chalkboards, and kids are more likely to use computers than spiral notebooks to take notes. Yet, the importance of those in front of the classroom has remained constant. On this week's Cityscape, we're sitting down with Lynette Guastaferro, executive director of Teaching Matters.

Early Reading Matters 12/12/2017, In the News
Poverty and inequality can cripple student success. Children not reading by third grade are six times as likely to drop out of school. EdCast examines strategies for fostering early reading and ensuring vulnerable students don't fall behind. Guest: Lynette Guastaferro, Executive Director, Teaching Matters

Mentorships; Living Your Best Life; Responsible Wealth Project 12/07/2017, In the News
Many teacher school systems face problems from teacher quality to student overcrowding to budgetary issues. Lynette Guastaferro runs a non-profit that provides help and resources for teachers to better meet their responsibilities.

Why Teaching Reading Is So Complex: How to Simplify the Process 11/20/2017, In the News
It's surprising how many of us feel ill-equipped to teach reading. In this segment, we explore a few practical approaches and strategies.

One New Yorker’s Quest to Give Children a Leg Up on Literacy 11/11/2017, In the News
Maureen Rover was having her usual coffee and muffin for breakfast one morning in the late 1990s when a newspaper story about New York City state test scores caught her attention.

New York Social Diary 10/24/2017, In the News
“Words are the windows to our world,” said actress, author and philanthropist Brooke Shields at the 9th Annual Champions of Education Luncheon.

How We Created A Reading Program For Urban Students In Poverty 09/27/2017, In the News
Research shows that low-income students who are not reading on level by third grade are six times more likely to drop out of school. Alarmingly, ten percent of students who drop out end up incarcerated.

City Will Move Sidelined Teachers From Limbo to Classrooms 08/21/2017, In the News

Why this Bronx middle school believes in second — and third — chances 07/21/2017, In the News

Customizing Professional Development Through Microcredentials 04/25/2017, In the News