Writing Matters at PS 52

In 2009, Elementary School 52 made impressive gains in student performance. While increasing its already impressive rates of student ELA progress, the school earned an “A” on the New York City Department. of Education Progress Report. PS 52 demonstrated an extraordinary ability to move students at least one year of progress as measured by the ELA test, outperforming all of its peer schools.  Furthermore, PS 52 had higher average proficiency improvements for level 1 and 2 students than 97% of all NYC schools.       

Since partnering with Teaching Matters three years ago, Principal Linda Pough has utilized the Writing Matters digital age writing program as a major component of PS 52’s successful ELA instruction for beginning in grade 3 Teaching Matter’s on-site professional developers support teachers by modeling lessons, co-teaching and planning while also giving teachers tech and pedagogical support.  

"Our teachers and students use the Writing Matters comprehensive genre units with Teaching Matters’ professional development to help us continue our overall ELA success story. The Writing Matters program’s differentiated instruction helps us dramatically advance student writing ability across a wide range of student ability levels.  The program applies technology in ways that directly align to our instructional and assessment practices that engage our students and saves our teachers valuable time."  

                        Linda Pough, Principal, PS 52Q 

Progress Report for PS 52