The problem is alarming and clear: education in this country is radically unequal. Millions of urban students arrive to school already two years behind, and leave schools without even basic math and reading skills, which can set them back for the rest of their lives.

How to Get Started
Three years of ineffective teaching can be a nearly insurmountable obstacle for students. Schools need extensive help, particularly in urban environments. It starts with transforming the professional culture of teaching, and building teacher effectiveness.

Investments Must Count
Urban School districts are forced to spend millions every year on teacher recruitment - often affecting those students who need experienced teachers. When schools are able to retain teachers, students and teachers thrive - and thousands of dollars can be invested in critical programs.

A Moment of Opportunity
Positive change comes when teachers are positioned to be leaders. We help make that happen. We build the capacity of a core group of teachers to lead and deepen the instructional practice of their colleagues. We work at schools where there’s the greatest need and strive to eliminate the opportunity gaps that mar public education and harm students' futures.

Our Strategy
Our strategy calls for expanding our footprint by scaling Teacher Leadership Matters to 115 schools. Over the next four years we will support more than 6,325 teacher leaders and team members and 73,600 learners through this initiative alone. Our model is one of deep transformation that when fully implemented affects every teacher and every child in each school.

Our Commitment
Our Mission is to develop and retain great teachers, and measurably increase their ability to give students in urban public schools an excellent education. We've spent two decades fighting for urban students’ futures and share ownership of student outcomes with the educators we support. Our job isn't done until there are real, measurable increases in teacher effectiveness.

The Power of Public-Private Partnership
Private philanthropy strengthens our ability to innovate, research and test new designs for teaching and learning - so often a constraint of public funding. Teaching Matters annually invests approximately $1.5 million in private dollars to subsidize our work in 100+ schools. Through the generosity of our funders we are able to leverage $3 of public funding for every $1 we raise. We need your help - and we know how to make the most of your investment.

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