Multiple Choice Item Data Protocol

This is a protocol for looking at multiple choice item data to identify areas of student need in any content area.

Interim Assessments (Agendas)

Teachers meet in their team and review the current state of ongoing formative assessment. The facilitator provides a list of standards from the most recent benchmark exam. The team makes a short list of the standards most in need of improvement.

Data Day 1 Agenda Overview

Teachers meet in their team and predict which areas on the state test and/or baseline assessment where areas of strength and challenge for their students, and why. The facilitator provides a list of standards from the state test/baseline for reference. If test items are available, the facilitator instead provides the test questions themselves (which would require extending the time for this activity).

Patterns of Student Work

Go deeper in your analysis of students by using Reflect on the Patterns of Student Work for considering: Why are students performing this way? What in the instruction itself is contributing to the strengths and gaps?

Strengths and Gaps T-chart

Use this t-chart for noting strengths and challenges related to the assessment noted by the team . Rank order the gaps according to greatest needs within the group of students.(This is particularly helpful when looking at student constructed responses/written work.)

Analyzing for Learning Gaps

A template useful in analyzing what students learned, and the approaches teachers took.

Looking at Student Work Protocols

The LASW Packet contains 4 protocols: Basic Protocol, Tuning Protocol, Atlas Protocol, and Examining Student Work.
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