Norm-setting protocol

New teams (and even old ones) should set the "rules of the road" for how they will collaborate. Norm setting is a great way to lay the foundation for healthy collaboration.

Data Day Agendas

Sample benchmark / interim assessment analysis agendas for teacher team meetings.

Learning Team Groupings

There are many different ways to organize teams of teachers within a school. This resource outlines several possibilities, with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

PLC Ongoing Action Plan

The Ongoing Action plan is a tool for teams to set goals for student learning, record learning and instructional gaps, and plan next steps during their plc meetings. The action plan is for one unit of study.

PLC Coaching Plan

Possible coaching plan for PLC work during a unit or module of instruction.

Multiple Choice Item Data Protocol

This is a protocol for looking at multiple choice item data to identify areas of student need in any content area.

Patterns of Student Work

Go deeper in your analysis of students by using Reflect on the Patterns of Student Work for considering: Why are students performing this way? What in the instruction itself is contributing to the strengths and gaps?

Glossary of PLC Terms

This resource defines terms frequently used by PLCs.
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