2009 Innovative Principal Forum

PrincipalAt our Innovative Principal Forum 2009, we invited three principals of schools experimenting extensively with technology as well as the Director of New Schools to speak with 65 of their peers about following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the 21st century school? video
  • What are higher order 21st century skills? video
  • Why do they matter now more than ever?  video
  • What are the tensions between our accountability systems and teaching of higher order 21st century skills? video
  • How are these schools managing that tension? video
  • What examples of school innovation enhanced by technology are they experimenting with? video
    • School-Home Communication
    • Curriculum Reform
    • Access at the Learning Moment

We launched our Rubric for School Innovation and simple self assessment checklist, designed to outline a set of critical questions to guide school leaders assess themselves on a continuum of school innovation in a set of critical areas. A short explanation of terms and ideas behind the document are useful background.

Leaders who presented at the session included:

  • Alisa Berger: Principal, NYC iSchool
  • Sarah Scrogin: Principal, East Bronx Academy for the Future
  • Gregg Korrol: Principal, PS 101
  • Julian Cohen: Director, New School Development
  • Lynette Guastaferro: Executive Director, Teaching Matters