Statement from Teaching Matters on House FY18 Appropriations Bill

Systems that empower teachers also empower students. Teachers need our government to support them in their work to give students the best education possible. The current draft of the House FY18 Appropriations Bill fails our teachers and puts students at risk. The bill cuts funding for the Title II-A program, which supports teacher training. The $2 billion dollars that once went toward strengthening educators’ efforts will be lost, and with it the opportunities to bring crucial advancements to the teaching profession. We will continue our commitment to creating supportive environments for teachers by developing teacher leaders and providing effective professional learning practices. We’ve seen firsthand the positive influence these efforts have on the success of principals, teachers and students. We urge Congress to fight for Title II-A funding to be included in FY18 spending bills, so we can continue to make these improvements in schools across the country. It is what our teachers and our students deserve.