Our mission is to develop and retain great teachers, and measurably increase their ability to give students in urban public schools an excellent education.

Positive change comes when teachers are positioned to be leaders. We help make that happen. We build the capacity of a core group of teachers to lead and deepen the instructional practice of their colleagues.

Teaching Matters is dedicated to increasing teacher effectiveness, one of the most critical factors in student success. Our services transform how educators work together at urban public schools, helping the most effective teachers develop the skills they need to lead their peers and drive school-wide improvement. We also partner with school leadership to create a work environment that equips teachers to succeed in the classroom.

Our Impact

Over the course of two decades we have partnered with more than half of New York City’s 1,750-plus public schools. During the past year we provided in-depth programming to approximately 1,300 teachers reaching 31,500 students in over 90 schools—the majority in underserved areas.

An independent researcher validated our approach, and found that our pairing of an excellent curriculum with coaching and teamwork produced success. In schools with populations of greater than 80% poverty rates, students who were taught by teachers in our program achieved statistically significant and meaningful increases in writing performance and critical thinking skills.

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Teaching Matters' values

Our core values fuel our commitment to student success and are evident in all aspects of what we do, from how we've designed our services to the way we approach each day of work.

We collaborate with educators in pursuit of student success. Our partnerships are a dynamic exchange of ideas, and we invest deeply in every one of the relationships we have with teachers and administrators.

We share ownership of student outcomes with the educators we support, and we persist until there's real, measurable improvement in teacher effectiveness.

When it comes to addressing educational inequality, there’s no single problem or single answer. As practitioners working in the classroom with educators, we take a balanced approach, with practical solutions that account for each school's unique needs.

We're about student success. Bottom line. And we work tirelessly to get there.

We know the difference great teachers make. We have the utmost respect for their dedication, and an appreciation for the challenges unique to their role.

Our commitment to better outcomes for students means preparing them for success in a competitive, evolving world, and we empower educators to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow through innovation.