Nick Timpone

Senior Educational Consultant

Nick Timpone is a “change of career” educator. Nick began his career as an educator in the Paterson, NJ Public Schools as a middle school teacher. Following his time in Paterson, Nick was chosen to be the founding math teacher at Harlem Village Academy. It was there that Nick discovered his passion for teaching math and coaching math teachers. His math teaching is strongly influenced by the instructional strategies and philosophies of Singapore and Japan. At Harlem Village Academy, Nick ascended from 5th grade math teacher to Academic Director to Middle School Principal to High School Principal and finally to Chief Academic Officer for 5 schools. In all those positions Nick continually coached math teachers and the schools were consistently among the highest achievers on the NYS math test – scoring well above the NYC and NYS averages.

Nick has worked with dozens of public, public charter and private schools in the New York area and across the country.